Sa’ada a Story of Divine Guidance Through a ‘Near Death Experience’

A Moving Story From ‘the Other Side’

Why Would a ‘Succesfull’ Secular Israeli Woman Leave Behind All She Had Achieved for a Humble Religious Life?

Israel is the Holy Land of Miracles from Shamayim (Heaven). Divine Providence, and Prophetical Visions are not only part of the ancient Jewish past, but rather they still continue to be a part our present experiences; but, unlike the Divine Providence which happens on a daily basis, it is rare for Prophetic Visions to be revealed in our current time.

The story of Sa’ada presents us with a secular Israeli woman who had such a life-changing experience when she died and came back. Such phenomenon resulted in her doing a radical Tshuvah (Repentance and change of lifestyle). This video is worth watching till its very End.


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