HaShem’s Warning to America: Another “Katrina” for another “Gush Katif” — with UPDATES

Seven Years Later and on the Very Same Day!
HaShem‘s Warning is Very Clear

Update 3: 18 Elul 5772 – 5 August 2012

Tens of thousands of Americans remained in the dark Monday, 4 August 2012, in Louisiana and Mississippi, days after hurricane Isaac inundated the Gulf Coast with a deluge that still has some low-lying areas under water. Most of those were in Louisiana, where utilities reported more than 100,000 people without power as of Monday morning (yesterday). Thousands also were without power in Mississippi and Arkansas. Meanwhile, thousands of evacuees remained at shelters or bunked with friends or relatives.



Update 2: 13 Elul 5772 – 31 August 2012

Watch and, please, think: What is HaShem telling America, and the world for that matter?  Read the post, Speaking of Isaac(s)


Update 1: 11 Elul 5772 – 29 August 2012

New Orleans’ levees and pumps were holding up to the rain and storm surge caused by Hurricane Isaac, but areas outside the defense network saw flooding, including an 18-mile stretch to the south where up to 12 feet of water invaded streets and homes. Officials in Plaquemines Parish, where the surge overtopped an 8-foot levee, said National Guardsmen and even residents were rescuing people trapped in homes.


Attention: If you think all this is just a series coincidences, then you understand nothing about how G-d works in the world … and worst yet, you are not ready for what is coming our way before the Redemption arrives. Read the post just above or click ‘Speaking of Isaac(s)


Hurricane Katrina: A NASA Satellite Retrospective
Hurricane Katrina: A NASA Satellite Retrospective
Hurricane Issac: A NOAA Geographical Prospective
Hurricane Isaac: A NASA Satellite Retrospective

 There are eerie similarities indeed: Exactly 7 secular years later Isaac follows the same track of Katrina — with the same Message from HaShem.

Seven years to the day? It’s not coincidence that Katrina was linked to Jewish expulsion from holy Land and now another expulsion is about to get underway just as “Isaac” is now aiming to make landfall in – you guessed it – New Orleans!  Sure, sure. It’s nothing at all but mere coincidence. Oh, well…

If America is being targeted from Shamayim in relation to the expulsion of Jews from holy Land in Migron, it is because America is responsible for those evil expulsions. It surely would be very interesting to know just exactly what is going on behind the dark scenes.

And Isaac doesn’t even have to hit Tampa to wreak “havoc” on the Republican National Convention. I think Hashem is fed up with all of them.




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