The Sounds of Geulah (Redemption)

Shabbat Shalom!


If you’ve been to Israel and you’ve been anywhere near an Arab town or village, you’ll hear the muezzin calling the people to prayer from atop the minaret of the mosque, before each of the prescribed times of prayer. He calls out, “Allah Hu akbar” – “G-d is all-Powerful”.

When Moshiachcomes, all of Israel will resound each morning 72 minutes before

A shofar (Hebrew: שופר‎) is a horn used for Je...

A shofar (Hebrew: שופר‎) is a horn used for Jewish religious purposes

daybreak with the call of Shma Yisrael. Yaniv Madar, an outstanding vocalist, does this better than anyone I’ve ever heard. His Shma Yisrael is preceeded by the blowing of a Moroccan shofar, the type of which will herald the coming of Moshiach. These are surely the sounds of Geula, the full redemption of our people that’s ever so close. And don’t worry about our troubles – the labor pains are fiercest right before the joyous event of the birth. The Geula – redemption – is the rebirth of our people. May it be soon, amen!

Source: Lazer Beams


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