American Jews ARE Being Set Up


Yes, our Jewish brothers and sisters in America are being set up, and HaShem is the One behind it.


There have been a few reports in recent days about a “secret deal” between America and Russia and announcements that clearly imply that the US will not be party to any Israeli attack against Iran, apparently in the hope that any Israeli go-it-alone strike will not have adverse repercussions for America, and most of all for Obama. But that is only wishful thinking.


If Israel attacks Iran, US Mid East bases will pay dear – Nasrallah from Hizballah

Hizballah terrorist leader Hassan Nasrallah said Monday night, Sept. 3, that Iran would hit US bases in the Middle East in response to any Israeli strike on its nuclear facilities, even if the Americans were not involved in the attack.

Everyone is being painted into their own little corner. It’s all going to happen – worst case scenario – and the Jews of America are going to take the brunt of the blame when it does.  Party’s over and it’s time to come home.  If you won’t do it willingly, Hashem will force you.  Don’t think He won’t!  Day by day the time grows ever shorter … until the catastrophe becomes reality.

The sands on a nuclear Iran are running out faster than they can talk. Roughly by the end of this month, or early October, Iran will have enough 20-percent enriched uranium for its first nuclear bomb. And that, right in sync with the timeline that says war on Hoshanah Rabbah 5773.

Nasrallah carried a triple message from Tehran to Washington and Jerusalem:

  1. Iran believes an Israeli attack will take place before the US presidential election on Nov. 6
  2. Tehran is drawing on a powerful deterrent: Lest anyone expected a low-key Iranian response to an attack on its nuclear facilities, the Hizballah leader put them right when he said, “the response will be very great” and “America bears responsibility”
  3. By putting Nasrallah out front, as a leading Iranian spokesman, Khamenei signaled that Hizballah would take an active role in the coming conflict.
According to DEBKAfile, the chatter about “red lines” in the last few days has had the effect of stirring the Iranians into preempting them by a single sharp stroke.

Prepare now.  The end is probably nearer than we think.


Source: Tomer Deborah

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