My name is Ya’akov Peretz. I have the happy honor of living in Be’er Sheva (Beersheba), Israel with my wife, and half of my children and grandchildren— 13 grandkids in total so far. Now, before explaining to you who I am, let me tell you a bit about my city.

As many of you know this is a very ancient city in the so-called Middle East that is well above 4,000 years old. But in an area where many cities are also very old what makes Be’er Sheva so special is that — like her sister Hevron — it was inhabited by all our great patriarchs Avraham avinu (our father) and Sarah imanu (our mother), and their illustrious son Yitzhak (Isaac) avinu. Here he married and lived with his wife Rivkah (Rebecca) imanu.  And here was born and lived as well their son Ya’akov avinu (Jacob in English, whose name was later on changed by HaShem to Yisrael).  Here he bought the birthright from his brother Esau, and here he tricked his father Yitzhak into blessing him, so from here he left to Padam-Aram where he married his wives Leah and Rachel.  Later on, at his return, he lived here with his wife Leah imanu and his memorable 12 children, who eventually originated the 12 Tribes of Israel.  Here Ya’akov received the news of Yoseph being alive in Egypt, and it was from Be’er Sheva that they left for Egypt to meet and live with the vice-roy of the greatest power in the world at that time.  Now, can you imagine living and daily walking in such a spiritual and historically important place?  To me, of course, only Yerushalayim surpasses it.  Sometimes it is a very emotional thing to look around and feel that one is standing on the very spot that one of those great men and women of old stepped on.

Later on, Be’er Sheva was a city shared by the Tribes of Shimon and Judah.  Interestingly the city belongued to the Tribe of Shimon, but it was totally surrounded by the territory of Judah.

Nowadays, Be’er Sheva surely is a wonderful and beautiful city – again, my greatest love (like for every Jew) is Yerushalayim (Jerusalem), but what a good city this is!

עברית: מרכז העיר

עברית: מרכז העיר

Be’er Sheva is situated in the northern part of the Negev desert – which is considered its capital – reason why we have very hot days in the summer (around 50 days a year, called “Hansim”), although most of the nights are very cool and refreshing.
The city is inhabited by Sabras (native Israelis) as well as new and old Jewish olim (immigrants) from all over the planet.  Of course, there are also Arabs and Bedouins in our vicinity with most of whom, despite what you might think because of what news tell you, we usually get along very well.  The rabid Muslim beasts are hidden in their poisoneous nest in Azza (Gaza).
If you come to Israel and visit Be’er Sheva you will be able to practice all the languages you might know and savor the best meals from all over the world, which is a great plus. Here you will be able to look into a well that was dug by Avraham himself and see that still it has water – something that for me is full of meaning.

Of course, dwelling in Be’er Sheva means that we live within a very short distance from Azza (Gaza, around 35 kms. or 22 miles) which is an emporium of genocidal terrorists. From time to time we all here have to run for shelter because these Hitler wannabes shower us with rockets and missiles – which they target exclusively toward the civilian population – schools and buses have many times been hit. Mainly by innumerable miracles from HaShamayim (Heaven) – some of which I have witnessed personally – not many people have died or even been wounded as their consequence. Lately the IDF has installed a battery of ‘Iron Dome’ in the outskirts of the city which has done an excellent job – but before that HaShem did great Wonders indeed.

This intolerable situation presents us with an inescapable question: Why all these commotions and wars in the so-called Mideast and other parts of the planet? To put it bluntly: Because Israel is a supernaturally resurrected nation – as prophesied in the Book of Yehezkel (Ezekiel) chapter 37 – since HaShem has raised his Holy Nation in its very original historical place; and, of course, because we Jews are back in our Promised Land as He is bringing us back from all over the planet, just as he promised., and some are not too happy about that.

Without a doubt, Hebrew Prophecy is history written ahead of time by men to whom HaShem revealed Secrets of the future. To the Predictions of our Holy Prophets there are many great, awesome, and also terrifying things yet to occur in the future concerning this geographical area and the rest of Earth before the coming of Moshiach (Messiah). That is unless all Yisrael makes Tshuvah (Repentance), which would definitely be a game-changer and bring the Messianic Era by the short and easy way of B’Itah ; but sadly, according to what I observe, I do no see that happening in the near future, so we might have to go all the way to the End of Days the hard way (Achishena).  Interestingly, this concept is learned from Yeshayahu HaNavi and is used in an apparent contradictory way because Achishena means “I will hurry,” while B’Itah means “In its Time.”

Isaiah, 60:22
The small shall become a thousand, and the smallest a mighty nation.  Ani (I), HaShem, achishena (will hasten) b’itah (it in its time).

Since Ahishen and B’Itah are End of Days understandings of the utmost importance, I’ll explain in detail these two prophetic concepts some other day.

Some of the prophesied final events are already taking place – many of them daily — in front of our mostly confused eyes. I say confused because the corporate media deludes these type of news – and most of all their real context – in a dumbfounding kaleidoscope of events and the usual cacophony of pundits filled with deceiving agendas. This is exactly the reason for this blog: To put into a realistic and reasonable context – yes, from the Torah perspective – those things that are constantly occurring all around us, and that seem unconnected particularly to the secularized mind. For example, not putting into a prophetic context what is taking place in the so-called Middle East can drive many people to a state of perplexity, heightened confusion, helpless frustration, and overwhelming fear. Therefore, I will go putting all this into a context, that not only will make sense, but that will bring the solace of knowing and feeling that everything which is happening is taking place for the Purpose of bringing humanity the blessed Messianic Era, in which not only Jews but all mankind will enjoy our most elevated dreams of Justice and Peace. Of course, before every baby is born there has to be a time of massive and intense pain: The time of delivery. And to this there is no escape; so the best thing is to put the eyes in the light at the end of the tunnel, without ignoring what is at hand.

In view of all that, I will be publishing pertinent news, and I will comment on them from the perspective of an Israeli who has an absolute faith in HaShem and his Prophecies and who, by the way, is watching them develop in front of his very own eyes.

I have lived a long, adventurous and many times dangerous life where, for the sake of survival and personal interest, I had to study different subject matters and to learn several languages. Since I was a child back in the 50’s I was more interested in books than playing with bats and balls – even though I did my own portion of playing and sports. My blessed mother, of sweet memory, taught me to read when I was a very small child with the pages of the Bible as the textbook; since then I have been reading it and marveling up to this day. Also, since very early, I was more interested in reading the international news in the newspapers than in reading the comics or the sports section – something I have never done.

In the midst of the readings of my early adolescence I realized that history is not so simple and disconnected as usually taught in schools. Later on I came to realize that a great deal of our planet’s history has been lost – or better said hidden – and that as a consequence most people suffer of an inflicted collective amnesia – and the history usually taught is vastly distorted and manipulated in accordance to the interests and agendas of the powers that be. After all, in the same way that knowledge is power and freedom, ignorance is helpless weakness and dependent bondage.

Experience and learning define each person’s worldview. I have had my own set of unique experiences and, since I am a person with a free mind, my studies – many of them autodidactic – have lead me to my particular comprehensive view of the world: Its past, present and future. It is from that perspective that I will be conducting this blog – not with the intent that others think like me, but with the goal to make the thoughtful reader consider options of approach or alternative possibilities to Reality.

What are some of my personal experiences that have molded my worldview? In the first place the awareness of having been born to a wonderful lady who physically could not have babies. Notwithstanding, I was born with a serious disease that gave me lots of agony and pain since I was two years old until in my mid-20’s. For this reason I was clinically dead once – some 50 years ago – as the immediate consequence of an intravenous injection of a substance to which I am extremely allergic – during an x-ray session. Differently to others, I did not see anything when I was dead, but I remember everything around me going rapidly distant and darker in the midst of a sudden sensation of great body heat and a short and otherwise indescribable discomfort. After a few minutes of being dead I came back, although I returned without any memory of having seen anything on the “other side.” Notwithstanding, since then I have no fear whatsoever of death. I have in me a strong sensation that the extreme fear of death that most people have might be mostly based on the apprehension caused by our ignorance of what lies beyond the realm of our material reality.

I had to live under the horrendous Communist tyranny of Fidel Castro in Cuba for over 20 years of my life, which lead me to become a political dissident under very severe circumstances. There, while I was a teenager, I was interned twice in forced labor camps for no other reason than to be a theist intellectual, which was considered a great national threat. I had lived in the United States of America when I was a child, in the 50’s, and I returned later on and lived there for 30 years – after having been asking for 18 years from the Castro Regime to let me emigrate. After America I came to Israel and here, with the Help of HaShem I shall remain until my last day on this world. Why? Because, at last, and for the fist time in my life, I feel I’m home.  And this brings me to the most wonderful turn an experience of my life:  My conversion to Judaism.

I grew up in a deeply spiritual, but religiously unconventional, Christian family.  My great-grandparents had converted to the evangelical version of Christianity at the turn of the 20th century, but they did not loose all their traditions.  Since a very early age, my mother taught me that Torah was superior to the “New Testament”, and that the Jewish people were special and different on account of the eternal Covenant which they have with G-d, and she taught me that they were to be greatly loved because of their special relationship with the Almighty, B’H, and the many great men and women that had come from among the Jewish people and who had benefited humanity so much in both variagated and unique ways.  In such a way, since my earliest moments, I was led to love the Jewish people far above any other people — including the people of Cuba, where I was born.

I was an introverted child who grew up reading books — foremost among them the Bible — so I saw how all the wonderful stories in it validated what my mother was telling me.  In that way, when we would go to church, I always felt very bothered by the way in which sometimes most Christians would refer to the Jewish people.  They would always be using our mishaps as examples, but never our triumphs (of course, soon enough I learned that many of those very misfortunes had come at the hands of the Christians); they were always pointing their fingers at our shortcomings, but never at our strengths.  We were always presented as examples of what not to be or do.  It angered me that when something remarkable had happened it had been mere individuals separated from their Jewish identity. For instance, Abraham, Moses, David, etc., were presented as mere great individuals who had great merits — they never said “the Jews did this” on their account; actually it was as if they did their great deeds ‘despite’ being Jews.  Oy, but when something went wrong, then it was “The Jews” who did it, like in “The Jews Killed Jesus”, as if all the Jews of the world and of all the ages had been there actually killing him!  On the other hand, I noticed that there was a deep resentment against “The Jews” because somehow they all had been involved in the lethal incident, but — surprise, surprise — practically none against the Romans who actually had killed him!!!

Also, since I was a very small child, I felt strange emotions when in front of Jewish people or anything Jewish.  It was love, but more than that: it was an irresistible attraction, an deeply longing admiration, an unnamed thing which was so intense that it would make me feel embarrassed because many times it made me cry.  My Christian friends never understood why I felt such strong emotions, like the one I experienced when I heard the first Jewish song.  Even though it was very happy, it made me cry.  And what to say when Israel fought against her enemies, like in 1967 when, if Castro had allowed it, I would have volunteered to fight in the Six Day War.  At that time my friends thought that I was crazy.  Only a few years ago I came to know that there has always been a name for such “craziness.”  It’s called ‘Yehudi neshamah’ (a Jewish soul).  It was then that I came to conceive a suspicion.

I know that my great gramdparents on my mother’s side had converted to Christianity, but I was never told what their original religion was; their last name was Perez.  In that way I came to strongly suspect that they had been Jewish, and that maybe this is the reason for which I was taught in the “strange” way in which I had been.  Maybe, despite this possible ancestral mistake (their conversion to Christianity), I always felt a very deeply strong spiritual and emotional connection with Am Yisrael because somewhere deep inside me there was left a seed, a gene — a something material or spiritual, I don’t know — that could not be erased or defaced.  At any rate, I have no way to prove this possibility even to myself, but that is not so important after all, because if there was such a mistake made by my ancestors, I did repaired it together with my wife and three of our children with their spouses and children.  And if there was none, I am building a new me, a new family, a new life, a new reality … a Jewish one.

You might wonder why I did not convert any sooner than I did.  The answer is ‘fear’ — a terrible, deeply entrenched, pervasive and almost indomitable fear.  This is an unmentionable fear which paralyzes the human psyche, thus preventing a man from making reasonable and healthy decisions.  I, like all Christians, had been injected with the incalculable fear of “losing my salvation”.  I do not consider myself to be a coward, but that fear transcends any possibility of description; it blocks any attempted reasoning.  So, because of it, I never dared to go ahead and open my mind all the way until many years later — something for which I do feel extremely sad and very ashamed.

It was in that way that since very early I had inner conflicts in my religious and spiritual life.  Due to my views and emotions, which obviously were not typical in many respects, and my expressing them, I always felt somewhat out of place and alienated in Christianity.  Because of that, after I emigrated to America from Cuba, in my sincere idiocy I thought that it would be a “good idea” to go to a Christian seminary where I could evacuate my many doubts.  It was in that way that I became a Baptist Pastor.  But the doubts continued, even though out of fear, I tried to ignore them as hard as I could.

In 1989, in the midst of a deep spiritual crisis, I resigned from my pastoral position in the church where I was working.  A few years later, my wife and I started an independent church dedicated to counseling families and individuals with emotional and relational issues and problems.  Then, around the year 2000, I dared to start studying more in depth the contradictions which I had always noticed between the so-called “New Testament”  and Tanakh.  I finally saw myself in front of the unavoidable need to face all that inner struggle that had been lurking in me for most of my life.

Several years of careful and painful study led me to the realization that the “New Testament” was full of many deceptions, distortions and premeditated mistranslations; that Paul of Tarsus had been a liar and an Anti-Semite, that Jesus was not G-d, that there was no such thing as the Trinity, and therefore — and worse yet — that I had been an idolator (of Jesus) all of my life!  And, as if all of that was not enough, to top it all, I had helped propagate such a huge lie!  There is no human way to describe how awful I felt.  That whole process would require a book to be described.

I studied even more history than I already had — most of all Jewish and secular, since the Christian version of it I knew pretty well.  I used expensive computer programs that helped me determine with a certain amount of accuracy the translation of the Jewish and Christian scriptures.  And so, finally, the gates of truth were opened and I was flooded with an understanding that both excited and humbled me, that terrified me but that finally gave me peace.  Although I also felt cheated and angry.  I realize that I still am a bit and that probably shall stay like that to the end.

At the beginning of the process — for a few months — I dabbled with the wrongly called “Messianic Jews”; but I soon found out that they also were idolator, trinitarian Christians with a mere Jewish veneer — nothing else — and I do not like to play games with serious matters, much less after having lost all of my life in a heathen, deceitful religion while thinking that it was real.

Then, having shed the dead carcass of Christianity, what was left for me obviously was Judaism.  So, my wife and I closed our already dwindling church — people were intensely angry at our findings and changes of mind and teaching it — and started to investigate the best way to go about our conversion.  Finally, I and most of my family converted, but the story did not end there.  Soon we decided to came up to Israel because the first time that we said “Next year in Jerusalem” in the Seder we realized that we could not honestly say it again unless we would truly try and make it so. That is why I am here today.

So, having said all that, I see Reality from a perspective that might be useful for some to consider since the Big Picture which I’ll offer shall arise from the Holy Pages of Torah, the Prophets and the other Writings of Tanakh, as well as from some interesting discourses of the Jewish Sages in the Talmud and the Zohar.

Another area that I will deal with is one in which I have had a couple of personal experiences – although minor – and which, after several decades of study, I deem to be intimately connected to ancient and current events in our world. It is the area concerning the UFOs and aliens. But I do not intend to deal only with dark and “depressing” matters. Sometimes I will deal with “nice things” like wonderful Near Death Experiences (NDEs), recent and current miracles in Israel, and other inspirational things like that.

So, I will share with you what I know and what I cogitate in view of what I have experienced to this day. And, again, I do not intend, much less expect, to convince you of my own views. What I purpose is to help you look for Truth and Reality in a world of many lies, as I used to state in an old website entitled ReturnOfTheNephilim.com which I used to own and webmaster before coming to Israel and moving to my beautiful city of Be’er Sheva..

I hope you will visit often.



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  1. I have found “Reality In The News” to be the very best source for information being shared on the Internet. Thank-you Ya’akov for sharing. Kol tuv! Walter Holman

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