A US General Says The Muslim Brotherhood Has Infiltrated The U.S. Government

Well, of Course, Obama is a “Brother” from the Muslim “Hood”

Obama is a Foreign Traitor Bent on Destroy America and Israel

U.S. Army Lieutenant General (Ret.) William Jerry Boykin
claims that individuals with connections to the Muslim Brotherhood
hold security clearances in both the Pentagon and the Department of Defense.


General Boykin


Boykin says Republicans should have listened to Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn), who was correct to be concerned over possible Muslim Brotherhood ties of Huma Abedin, Sec. of State Hillary Clinton’s Deputy Chief of Staff. Boykin says politicians on both sides of the aisle are scared to pursue the truth on this, for fear of being branded “intolerant,” and the result of their inaction is continued infiltration by the radical Islamic organization.

He claims that people with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood hold important positions “in every major federal agency.”

Boykin was one of the original members of the Army’s Delta Force, served in clandestine operations for the CIA, and was formerly a Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence.


Source: Breitbar

Bin Laden ‘killed while unarmed’. A SEAL book debunks official death story

Once Again Obama is Caught Lying

AFP Photo/Dutton, a member of Penguin Group USA

A firsthand account of the assassination raid against the former Al-Qaeda head challenges the official US narrative, claiming bin Laden was shot as he peeked out of his bedroom, unarmed. He did not have a weapon or resist, as was announced.

­The Associated Press obtained a copy of the book, titled ‘No Easy Day.’ In it, former Navy SEAL Mark Bissonnette, using the pseudonym Mark Owen and assumed names for the SEALs who participated in the mission, described the 2011 raid in Pakistan in detail

His position – right after the “point man” – gave him a chance to clearly hear the “suppressed gunfire” immediately after the lead SEAL had seen a “man peeking out of the door” on the right side of the hallway.

The author then described how bin Laden – the SEALs later made sure it was him – ducked back into his bedroom. The SEALs followed, only to find bin Laden crumpled on the floor in a pool of blood, with a hole visible on the right side of his head and two women wailing over his body.

“[We] trained our lasers on his chest and fired several rounds. The bullets tore into him, slamming his body into the floor until he was motionless,” the book reads according to a report by the Huffington Post, which also purchased a copy of the book.

The SEALs later found two weapons stored by the doorway, untouched, the author said. Neither weapon was loaded.

“He hadn’t even prepared a defense. He had no intention of fighting. He asked his followers for decades to wear suicide vests or fly planes into buildings, but didn’t even pick up his weapon,” Owen wrote.

This passage contradicts numerous reports that stated that bin Laden was shot only after he returned to his bedroom, with the SEALs assuming he was searching for a weapon. Instead, Owen wrote, he was unarmed and had been fatally wounded before the soldiers had entered the room. The book also refuted accounts that the SEALs were fired upon while they were outside the gate of the compound, and that a 40-minute firefight ensued.

Another revelation rebuts the accounts that bin Laden’s body was treated with dignity before being given a full Muslim burial at sea. The author described a cramped helicopter flight out of the compound, with a SEAL named ‘Walt’ sitting on bin Laden’s chest as the body lay at the author’s feet in the middle of the cabin.

Already topping the bestseller lists of online shopping websites, the book was set to be released on September 11. The publisher moved the release date up a week to September 4, “in response to overwhelming excitement” from the public.

The Pentagon announced on Monday that it is reviewing a copy of the soon-to-be-published book for leaks of classified information, the Associated Press reported.

Up until now, the author had not submitted the book for the pre-publication review that is required by the military secrecy agreements officials claim the SEAL signed.

If Pentagon officials determined that the manuscript revealed classified information about the raid, the Department of Defense would “defer to the Department of Justice,” the said. The former SEAL could then face criminal charges

Photos of Owen have already been posted on Al-Qaeda websites, alongside calls for his murder, the AP reported

Source: RT News

US Marine Detained In A Psychiatric Hospital Over Anti-Government Facebook Posts

The US Goverment Is Using Techniques of Represion Copied From the Communists and The Fascists

UPDATE: A circuit court judge has dismissed  the government’s case against Brandon Raub and ordered that the Marine  veteran, detained over anti-government Facebook  posts, be released from a state psychiatric hospital because authorities had no  grounds to detain him, Catie Beck of CBS  6 News reports.“This is a great victory for the First Amendment and the  rule of law,” Rutherford Institute president John W. Whitehead said in a press  release.

ORIGINAL: Brandon Raub’s attorneys have filed a  motion to suspend the August 20 ruling that ordered Raub to be involuntarily admitted to a psychiatric ward.

On August 20 the 26-year-old Marine veteran was committed  to a psych ward for up to 30 days after he was detained on August 16 in  connection to Facebook  posts that are critical of the official story regarding 9/11 and refer to  “starting a revolution.”

Raub’s lead attorney, John  Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute, told BI that the August  20 order was “rubber-stamped” and indicative of the corrupt system in  Virginia.

“The special justice is very old,” Whitehead said. “He had trouble  hearing Brandon. He brought into the courtroom a personal cassette player – we  tried to listen to it and you can hardly hear what’s being said. This is the  so-called judge – he’s a lawyer, not a real judge – it’s like what you  would see in a bad movie.”

Whitehead said that every year in Virginia more than  20,000 people are committed under similar circumstances and “that  means a lot of people are disappearing” under the pretext of  mental illness.

“I’m friends with the local police; I could call them right now  and probably get you committed if you were in Virginia,” Whitehead said. “They  can arrive at your door based on somebody’s testimony or your Facebook page and  take you away to a mental hospital… There’s a system here that is  corrupt. And this guy is caught in it.”

In  the motion Raub’s lawyers argue that since the initial orders to detain Raub  did not follow the Virginia law that the Chesterfield PD cited, Raub’s initial  and continued detention is unlawful.

“If they’re honest, he’ll be out early,” Whitehead said.

Chesterfield police stated  that they “took Raub into custody for evaluation in accordance with  Virginia State Code § 37.2-808 Emergency custody.”

But according to Va.  Code§ 37.2-808, a person in emergency custody  may only be held for four hours unless a magistrate enters a temporary detention  order (TDO)  during that time.

Raub’s lawyers argue that since the magistrate entered the  order more than eight hours after he was taken into custody, the  District Court “lacked any basis (much less  clear and convincing evidence) to conclude that Raub (i) has a mental  illness, and (ii) that there was a substantial likelihood that, as a  result of such mental illness, Raub will, in the near future, cause serious  physical harm to others, as Va. Code 37.2-817 specifically requires.”

From  the motion:

“The government’s power to  involuntarily admit an individual for evaluation of a mental illness is a  creation of statute. Because an order providing for such admission deprives a  citizen of his liberty, to protect citizens from an overreaching government the  Virginia legislature has created a specific, detailed procedure, set forth in  Virginia Code § 37.2-800, that must be followed before an individual can be  involuntarily admitted. In the present case, that procedure was not  followed. As such, the District Court’s August 20, 2012 order is  void.”

When asked about the motion directly contradicting the  statement made by Chesterfield police, Chesterfield  PD public information coordinator Elizabeth  Caroon told us “As this is not a criminal matter, we have no further  comment.”

Beyond the “fatal procedural deficiencies,” Raub’s lawyers argue  that the evaluations of Raub “utterly fail” to provide evidence that Raub is  mentally ill and potentially violent, adding that any mention of Raub’s Facebook  posts in the orders violates his First Amendment right to freedom of speech.

Whitehead said that the posts cited as “terrorist in nature” were  part of a private Facebook game called Illuminati that  Brandon was playing with his brother and sister, which the government spied  on.

The motion states that at the very least Raub should be  transferred from Salem to John Randolph until the appeal is heard because Raub  is from the Richmond area, Salem is 188 miles away from Richmond and Raub’s  lawyers need regular face-to-face access to Raub so that Raub can provide  information and participate in his own defense.

Whitehead said that Brandon is “very calculated, very  intelligent, very lucid” and that Brandon said his social worker is nice  and doesn’t ask him much as they “chit-chat and drink coffee.”

In  an interview earlier this week, Raub – who served in Iraq and  Afghanistan as a sergeant with the 1st Platoon, Charlie  Co., 4th Combat Engineer Battalion – said he found the situation  “extremely ironic” because he was considering reenlisting in the Marine  Corps.

“The best thing they can do now is say ‘We’re not going to charge  this guy, we’re going away.’ But we’re not going to let this go away,” Whitehead  said.