Valerie Jarrett The Muslim Agent Who Pulls Obama’s Strings — Moles in the W. House

Who is the Muslim Woman Co-President of America?

Who Chooses the Mohammedans Working for Obama?


Valerie Jarret and Obama

Valerie Jarret and Obama

An Enlightening Introduction

A lot has been said — in the press, by the president, by others — about president Obama’s affinity for the Muslim world.

From his promise that “I will stand with them (the Muslims) should the political winds shift in an ugly direction” to his description of the Muslim call to prayer as “one of the prettiest sounds on Earth” to his bowing before the Saudi king, Obama’s actions have convinced many people that the American president is a hidden Muslim, despite his politically-motivated protestations and claims to the contrary.

What hasn’t often been asked but should be, given recent evidence of infiltration by the Muslim Brotherhood in most if not all levels of government, is whether there is a Muslim agent working in the White House to manipulate the president.

One of Obama’s few actions that has shown any willingness to combat Muslim terrorism in defense of the U.S. has been his much-ballyhooed decision to order Navy SEALs to kill Osama bin Laden.  But now, U.S. Army Maj. Gen. Paul E. Vallely has issued a report based on an insider intelligence source that says Obama actually was clueless about the effort to get Osama.  Due to his constant opposition to kill Osama, Obama had been kept deliberately out of the loop by some of his senior Cabinet officers concerning the elimination of Bin Laden.

According to the report, Director of Central Intelligence Leon Panetta was the key player who made the call to get bin Laden, with the assistance of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, Adm. Bill Mullen and Gen. David Petraeus.  Obama was not told about the effort until the SEAL team was already in Pakistani air space.  Like always, the president was on the golf course when he was informed.

The reason for the sneaking about was that Panetta and the other staffers were tired of Obama nixing their efforts to take out the leader of al-Qaida.  According to the report, Obama had rejected three kill missions earlier in the year.

The Muslim Handler of Barack Hussein Obama

In his book “Leading From Behind,” author Richard Miniter wrote that presidential adviser Valerie Jarrett was the voice who kept urging Obama not to kill bin Laden.

Jarrett is a powerful figure at the White House, an Obama family friend who has an unexplained hold over the president and first lady.

Valerie Jarrett was born in Iran to American parents and lived there until about the age of 5.  As a child, she spoke Persian and French.  She and her parents spent one year in London, then came back to Chicago.  Jarrett’s father-in-law is journalist Vernon Jarrett, who worked closely with Communist Party member and Obama mentor Frank Marshall Davis.

Valerie Jarrett headed Obama’s transition team and personally vetted communist Van Jones and all the other extremists Obama has appointed.

In his book “The Amateur,” Edward Klein points out that Jarrett is the power behind the throne who sits in on every meeting, decides who gets to see the president and monitors who is loyal to Obama and who needs to be gotten rid of. The president reportedly doesn’t make a move without her, and she was the single roadblock to getting bin Laden.

Her religious leanings are not clear.  The media either have not asked or have not gotten an answer.  Many have speculated and others have denied that she, like Obama, is a closet Muslim.

What is clear is that she not only has communist contacts but she is a point man for the Administration in meetings with Muslim activists.

Interestingly enough, Jarrett was named Iranian of the Day in August 2008 by

She has been associated with the Obamas since their early days in Chicago, and those familiar with her background say that she provided crucial financial backing that helped Obama raise his national profile.

Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, has a chief aide who is connected to the Muslim Brotherhood in Huma Abedeen.  Could Obama’s chief adviser, the woman who has been described as co-president, be a Muslim ringer as well?

The brief article on says Jarrett is Shirazi, but it is unclear whether the writer means that she was born in Shiraz, Iran, or that she is a member of the Swahili subgroup called Shirazi.  The article calls her “African-American and Chicago royalty.” Links in the article to further information go to a mere blank page.

It is in this way that to a large extent, the woman pulling the strings at the White House is as much a mystery as the president himself.

Source: Political Outcast

23 thoughts on “Valerie Jarrett The Muslim Agent Who Pulls Obama’s Strings — Moles in the W. House

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  4. Valarie Jarrett and others are the ones who baby sit obama every day, and actually do his job for him!! He has nothing to do except play golf because he really doesnt have a college degree education, although his degrees were paid for, he didn’t earn them imo. So he is totally inept to do his job and the people who put him in power know this.

  5. All the politicians are crooked in one way or another, but this traitorious bunch of muslims in the WH are the worst I have ever witnessed. Time the FBI DOES THEIR JOB and start arresting the gang in the WH and all the other crooks. It is time this country is taken back by the honest hard working American’s and rid the bad taste in our mouthes.

  6. Don’t get stuck in the weeds “Utooh”, this concerns all Americans. Do your research, these are VERY serious times.

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  8. Say what you will. There are four members of the Muslim Brotherhood at the highest levels of our government. Jarrett approved their appointments. If that doesn’t tell you where her sympathies lie, then I don’t know what will.

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  11. Hello, valarie does his job for him and has since day one. Obama has no education, only two degrees bought and paid for but has no knowledge. He doesn’t know HOW to do anything (imo), cant prove who he is, behaves like a programmed puppet , which I believe he is. Valarie Jarrett is with the obamas for every evening meal, every vacation, she is with them all the time. Don’t you find that rather strange? I certainly do. Obama plays golf all the time because he is bored and doesn’t know what else to do.

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